5 tips for a good night sleep

sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is as important for one’s body as consuming food is. Scientists believe that people who have had a well rested nights sleep  will always feel better in the mornings and they will always feel more refreshed and ready for new challenges. Experts also believe that in order to get the best sleep, one needs to invest in the correct mattress, be at peace with their minds and body. For people who need to know more about the ways to gain a good night’s sleep – read on.

Set up a regular bedtime

Not only does one need to set up a specific time for waking up every morning, they need to make sure they have a set time for going to bed every night. Once the body knows that this is the specific time to wake up every day and this is the time to go to bed every night, it will not be hard for it to follow the brain’s command. One needs to make sure that they do not waste time in tossing and turning around on the bed, so it is better to go to bed at the time when the body is tuned to do so.


Regulate the Sleep-Wake cycle

This can easily be done by regulating the amount of melatonin that the body generates during a specified period of time. Melatonin is a hormone that induces people to sleep and is controlled by the amount of light one exposes their face to. The more the light, the lesser the production of melatonin is. One needs to make sure that they increase the production of this hormone at night and lessen it during the day. This can be done by making sure one lets the sunlight hit the eyes in the morning and by trying to make sure that they spend as much time as they can in the daylight. This will greatly improve the sleep-wake cycle’s regulation.


Setup a relaxing bedtime environment

Everyone knows that in order to drift into sleep, one needs to be surrounded by a serene environment of peace and quiet. If the efforts to unwind and relax are greater, the body will find it easier to drift on into sleep. There are many steps one can take to achieve this. Firstly, they need to keep the noise levels low so that the mind can correctly concentrate on trying to fall asleep and there are no disturbances. Next, keep the room’s temperature cool so that the body does not fell hot or cold (but somewhere in between).


Diet and Exercise

The correct diet will lead to a healthy lifestyle and a better night’s sleep. One needs to make sure that they do not just keep on eating vegetables but they should also get more proteins too. Going for a morning run or for a run in the evening will be great too.


Get Stress Checks

If one feels like they have not been able to correctly sleep at night, they need to get themselves an appointment with the psychiatrist to see if they have been suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. If they are, they need to work hard to eliminate this to get proper sleep.


Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses More Eco-Friendly Than Spring Mattresses?

Maybe you are someone who happens to be quite concerned about the environment and you always try your best to stay off products that are not eco-friendly. But have you ever thought about your how eco-friendly your current mattress is? You have probably not. The reality on ground, however, is that many mattresses out there are indeed harmful to the environment. Memory foam mattress is often a top recommendation when thinking about eco-friendly mattresses, while spring mattresses are probably the worst. You may be wondering: why are memory foam mattresses more eco-friendly than some spring mattresses? Let’s have a look here.


The Truth about Many Traditional Mattresses

It is somewhat shocking to note that majority of mattresses in some markets are not in any way eco-friendly. Some of these contain chemicals that are not ideal for having sound sleep and are detrimental to health. The problem could be as a result of the quality of materials used such as wool or cotton highly immersed in pesticides and other chemicals. Some traditional mattress manufacturers also use a chemical known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in an effort to pass a safety test administered by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). PBDEs have been cited as possible causes of developmental and reproductive disorders while also thought to be carcinogenic.

There are also some other chemicals that are added to regular mattresses to meet certain standards, but which could be absorbed by the skin. Another problem with many traditional mattresses is that they are made of materials that are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled. This poses serious threat to the environment, especially in terms of resource use.


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