5 Tips for Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

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The benefits of using a memory foam mattress have been highlighted in many TV commercials as well as in ads in newspapers and magazines. One may be completely right to say that every investment made on this mattress is a worthy one, considering the benefits your body stands to gain from it. But before you go out and lay your hands on a memory foam mattress for a more health-conscious choice for your sleep, here are five tips that can help you in the buying process to ensure a satisfying purchase.


1. Compare Prices


Price is usually the first consideration that many people give a thought to when looking to make any purchase. It is also noteworthy that you should consider the price you will be paying for your memory foam mattress by making comparisons beforehand. But it is sad to note that many people take the price consideration too far. This can be quite counter-productive, so you should guard against taking things to the extreme. Low prices are not necessarily the best. You have to consider what you will be getting for whatever price you are being offered before buying.

2. Think Density


It is recommended that you give special consideration to density of a memory foam mattress, as this plays a key role in the quality of sleep you can expect to enjoy. Pound (lb) is used for measuring density – the higher the pounds, the denser and firmer the mattress. It is common for a cheap memory foam mattress to hover in the range of 2-3 lbs, but does not usually last long before losing shape. Quality grade foam for restful sleep needs to measure over 4 lbs.


3. Request Comfort Test


If available, you should consider using a short comfort test period to determine if the mattress you are thinking of buying is the perfect fit. The mattress is covered with a plastic to maintain its sanitary condition for possible re-sale and you are permitted to try it for a short period of time. But it must be noted that a plastic covering reduces the feel of memory foam.


4. Check Temperature Sensitivity


Sensitivity to temperature is one of those things that stand memory foam mattress from many other mattress types. You should therefore test this sensitivity before making a buy. After you lay on the foam and your weight is evenly distributed, the material softens in areas of your body with high temperature. This mechanism greatly helps to make a restful sleep feasible.


5. Fully Read and Understand Warranty Information


It is equally important that you fully read and comprehend associated warranty information when you have decided on the memory foam mattress you wish to buy. You should understand how possible issues will be resolved and the length of warranty period. But note that a lifetime warranty is probably not worth much when offered by a company that is not well established or trusted. The parties responsible for packaging, shipping and other relevant matters should also be fully understood as detailed in the warranty information before making the purchase.

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