AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18″ Air Mattress with Headboard Design Review

AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18" Air Mattress with Headboard Design Powerful Built in Ac Pump for Convenient,

The inflatable AreoBed with headboard is extremely comfortable to sleep on. It’s firm and offers good support. And it’s easy to regulate the firmness. Furthermore, it has an inflatable headboard and also a lower mattress, which acts like a box spring.

It is also much higher than most air mattresses, making it more like a regular bed. The high-powered pump is built in and it inflates and deflates in an instant. Also, it maintains its shape with no air loss. All of that makes for an incredibly elegant air mattress that will impresses all of our overnight guest.

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  • Comfortable
  • The height is close to a traditional bed
  • Headboard keeps the pillows in right place
  • Heavy duty bottom for puncture resistance
  • Built-in AC air pump
  • Fast inflation
  • Carry & storage bag

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  • Some complaints of a smell the first times it’s used
  • Some complaints of cold—but is remedied with a flannel sheet or blanket under the bottom sheet


Best Suited To

This is one of the best air mattresses we have ever used at home as a guest bed. It is truly a deluxeAeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18" airbed at 18 inches tall. It even has a headboard. This is a great, comfortable, portable, extra bed for when people come to visit us or when we’re going on trips and need a bed. It was also great when we first moved and needed a nice temporary bed for a while. In addition, our kids find it awesome for slumber parties.

It’s so easy to set up and once it’s inflated we can easily move it around the room. The built-in head board is amazing, it keeps the pillows from falling off. Also with this air mattress, we can actually sit on the edge of it, like a real bed, so it’s easy to get in and out of. My husband and I comfortably sleep on it together and the weight limit is over 600 pounds. And it’s not noisy when we roll over in bed. Our guest love sleeping on this inflatable bed because it delivers a high quality of comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.



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Essentially, this airbed is as comfortable as a box springs mattress. It even has a stability ring feature for added support and comfort. Plus the air chambers run lateral instead of parallel creating even more comfort for a sound night’s sleep.

We’ve tried it out ourselves and our guest love sleeping on it. We find it even more comfortable than a sleeper sofa or a rollaway bed. It definitely feels more like a real bed than a blow up one. And we haven’t had any problem losing air.

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With most air mattress we have to crawl in and out of them, that is hard on us and isn’t fun for any of our guests. But with this one, it’s taller and also the edges are reinforced to make it easy to get on and off like a regular bed. The height also makes it easy to make up the bed. In addition, the gap between the bottom and the top of the mattress and the headboard gives us plenty of room to put on the fitted queen size sheet. And the sheets stay on nicely.

In addition, the unique built in headboard keeps the pillows from slipping away. The headboard also adds a touch of class. Tons better than an ordinary air mattress, very durable and practical. It’s definitely worth the price. It’s easy to take down and put away. Overall it’s a great product for the money.


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