History of the Memory Foam Mattress

NASA_logoMemory foam mattresses are the newest, greatest technological advancement in the mattress industry  over the last 50 years. Memory foam was developed by a team os chemists in NASA’s Ames research centre in the 1960’s with the objective to create a material in which the astronauts do not feel any discomfort during take off. The foam was designed to return to its original shape after the weight has been lifted.The main aim was to create a material which did not have any pressure points in the body. After Nasa developed this technology its was further devolved to create the high comfort memory foam mattress.

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5 reasons why your back will love a memory foam mattress

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Over the last few years people have been starting to realise that memory foam mattress are lot better for a healthy back. We have put together a great informative article on some great reasons why your back will love a memory foam mattress.

The number one reason  why your spine will love memory foam mattress is that the mattress is designed to take all the pressure from your pressure points while you sleep. As your spine is a very sensitive pressure point it and if the spine has no pressure or discomfort than the rest of the body will be relaxed and comfortable throughout the night.

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5 tips for a good night sleep


sleep wellWell I think we all agree that getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important factors to living a healthy life style. I know that if I had not have the right amount of sleep during the night my mind and body will not be able operate to its full potential.

I have written a great article on tips for getting a good nights sleep. There are some tips that I have researched that will really improved the amount and quality of sleep you can have, such as setting a regular time to go to bed, getting a healthy diet, ( as well as avoiding caffeine during the evening) and living a stress free life style. You may need to change your sleeping environment so you are sleeping in a quite comfortable setting.

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Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses More Eco-Friendly Than Spring Mattresses?

Ifuse plant 2 you are the kind of person that cares about the environment, you will certainly love memory foam mattress, such as that produced by Amerisleep. This natural plant-based product is made of materials that are rapidly renewable and devoid of harmful chemicals or pollutants which have seemingly become the norm for some spring mattresses. The material used is durable enough to allow sufficient amount of time before new resources would be required for further production. Reputable memory foam mattress makers supposedly carry out manufacturing through a zero-emission process to protect the environment.  In addition, the mattress is compressed when shipping to reduce harmful effect of transportation on nature.


Memory Foam Dog Beds

mf dog bed 2These products are for dog owners who want the best for their pets. Memory foam dog beds enhance the quality of sleep that canines get to help them be at their best by aligning with the curves of their body and distributing weight evenly. The beds target the musculoskeletal system of your canine friend to eliminate aches and pains in bones, ligaments, nerves and muscles. It is advisable to try and strike a balance between cost and quality when buying memory foam dog beds without excessively sacrificing one for the other. It also helps to consider how your home is laid out to determine where such a bed will fit in.

  What Are The Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress?


You may be wondering why there so much hype about memory foam mattresses. It is for a good reason. The mattress makes it more feasible to get a relaxing sleep every night as it adapts to your body shape and spreads out your weight evenly to remove need for constantly waking in the middle of night to adjust body position. The visco-elastic foam displaces pressure along your entire body, rather than concentrating it in certain parts of the body, thereby helping to eliminate the likelihood of waking with aches and pains. Memory foam mattress promotes blood circulation and is hypoallergenic — unfriendly to allergens.

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  5 Tips for Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

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So you have finally decided to get yourself a memory foam mattress to tap into its several benefits. Here are few tips to help you make a good purchase.

1. Compare prices of available products to determine the best offer, but ensure you do not sacrifice quality in favor of saving.

2. Go for a product that has a density of 4 pounds and higher; cheap memory foam mattresses of 2-3 pounds do not take long to lose shape.

3. Ask to do a comfort test for a short period of time to better assess quality.

4. Test the temperature sensitivity of the memory foam mattress in focus by checking if softens in response to your body heat.

5. Ensure you fully read warranty information to better understand what is covered by the seller as well as other conditions.

  Memory Foam Topper 

Memory-Foam-Mattress-TopperA memory foam topper is a cheaper way to enjoy the restful benefits of a memory foam mattress. This special topper, which usually measures around two to four inches, is placed on top of a regular mattress to deliver level of comfort close to that of a memory foam mattress. But then, the quality of your existing mattress will determine how much comfort this memory foam topper delivers. Aside those wary of cost, people staying away from home for some time, such as in a dorm or hostel, will also love this product. Density and thickness determines how long you can expect to use one. A top quality memory foam mattress can deliver up to 10 years of enjoyable use.

Memory Foam Pillow

mfm pillowA memory foam pillow can greatly improve the quality of sleep you get every night. A perfect complement to a memory foam mattress, this pillow is made of a material that adjusts itself to body heat and pressure. Using this sort of pillow will enable you to wave goodbye to frequent cases of waking up with a numb feeling in your neck because it provides adequate support for pressure points around your head and neck thus lessening stress on nerve endings. It lends significant help in battling sleep apnea and snoring problems. Memory foam pillow is equally ideal for allergy sufferers as allergens will not find it conducive to live in.

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