Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump Review

Intex Raised Downy Queen AirbedThis is a great portable airbed because people are use to sleeping on high beds, well off the floor, so everyone feels like their sleeping on a real bed with this one. The dual chamber construction delivers the ultimate in comfort with firm support for a great night’s sleep. It even comes with amazingly posh flocking over the top of the mattress.

That frocking is fully waterproof, feels luxurious and cozy which adds to the relaxation and comfort this mattress provides to us and our house guests, It’s easy to set up and the built in, high-powered pump inflates the bed in no time at all. The lush pillow rest also easily inflates at the touch of a switch. Simply, adjust the firmness to your own comfort level.

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  • Rugged, high-quality vinyl construction
  • Super fast, pump
  • Wave beam construction delivers consistent comfort
  • Holds up to 600 lbs.—couples sleep comfortably
  • Indented sides prevent fitted sheets from slipping


  • Random reports of leaks and inflation issues



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Best Suited To

We found that this raised inflatable mattress makes an incredible bed for our overnight guests and also as an extra bed for the holidays. In addition, we take it with us every time we visit back home. My husband and I sleep on it together, comfortably. We find it’s much nicer than a basic air mattress that lies on the floor. You don’t have to struggle to get in and out of it like you have to do when you’re laying on one of those low, on the floor blow up beds. This air mattress is awesome, roomy, firm and so comfortable.

It’s easy to put regular fitted sheets on it. When it’s cold we do slip a foam mattress pad over it for warmth. It inflates in about four minutes and you don’t have to hold the switch down. The built in pump deflates the air mattress super fast as well. We just twist the valve and it releases all the air. Then we just fold it up in thirds and it neatly fits into its own neat little drawstring bag to store away or to carry with us when we’re traveling. There is even a convenient compartment for the cord.  If we ever want to take it on a camping trip we could, if we get a convertor, to plug into a 12v, then we could use our car lighter to inflate it.

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When a surprise guest drops buy, and we don’t have an extra bed to offer them for the night, no problem, this airbed is a quick and easy solution. And it’s an especially great choice for our budget. But the best thing is our guest sleep comfortably through the night on this luxurious, high air mattress. We use it for us when we visit home and we use it as a spare bed for when guest drop by. Our guest and we get a sound night’s sleep on it.

Intex Raised Downy Airbed

The soft mattress top really makes a difference, making it much more comfortable than other air mattresses we’ve tried in the past. And it stays firm. One of our guest remarked that it felt like their sleep number mattress. It’s high instead of floor level, in fact it’s actually the perfect height for a bed, so it really is like we’re sleeping in our own bed. And the height makes it easy to get in and out of like a real bed.

The pumps are incased and basically you just plug the bed in and turn it on with the flick of a switch. It couldn’t be simpler to inflate and deflate. And fast, it blows up in about four minutes. It holds air well, it’s durable, and we haven’t had a single leak. It is a great bed for the guest room, but the only thing is, if we need it for camping, we have to buy an adapter so we can plug it into the car lighter.  But overall, the verdict is this is a great product that we love. It has exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend it.

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