Pinzon Ultra Soft Queen Mattress Topper

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We love ultra soft mattress toppers

I don’t know about you my dear readers, but for me personally one of my favorite activities to do in the entire world is sleep. I absolutely love sleeping and I genuinely look forward to it every night.

But we’ve all been there where there are some night that we just cannot sleep or we are suffering from a very uncomfortable mattress (college students, I understand and sympathize with you).

The most logical solution is to go and purchase a better, more comfortable mattress but for those of us who cannot afford such a luxury or are on a tight budget that is easier said than done. Luckily there is another option that is affordable for anyone’s budget and that would be to invest in a mattress topper.

Now a mattress topper is different from a mattress pad in that it normally is thicker than a pad and is kept in place by the strictures of fitted feet. Also mattress pads are more for protecting your mattress while a topper is designed more so for comfort than protection. Today I’m going to speak specifically about the Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Micro plush Queen Mattress Pad.

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From what I have heard, this is one of the more comfortable mattress toppers on the market. Many reviews and people I have spoken to have compared the Pinzon to the equivalent of sleeping on a cloud.

The designers of this topper really did a great job by deciding to specifically employ a variety of comfort-focused features; Features such as using a supremely soft micro plush fabric that is sewn together and draped atop of the polyester filling.

By stitching from one end of the topper to the other, the Pinzon creates a border which keeps the filling from shifting and allows your body to sleep on an even level.

Sleep like a baby with a mattress topper

Sleep like a baby with a mattress topper


The Pinzon acts as an extra layer of protection for your mattress which will ensure that your mattress will stay at a peak condition for longer than normal. It also acts as a barrier, protecting your mattress from stains and any spilled fluids.

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Will it last?

Many consumers of Pinzon products have stated that they tend to last for continuous period of time if they are maintained and taken care of properly. After hearing this, it is safe to say that the Pinzon topper will manage to last for a good amount of time.


So overall this product is pretty amazing. The extra polyester filling provides a level of comfort that will automatically have you melt into your bed like an ice cube on a hot day. The micro plush fabric that is used is softer than other commonly used fabrics and we cannot forget about the stitching that ensures no movement of the filling.

Not only is the Pinzon comfy and soft but it is also a great product to use for the winter months as it keeps your sheets warm throughout the season. The topper also comes in various sizes so no matter what type of bed you have the Pinzon should fit no problem and it also has an outlasting durability.


The biggest con of the Pinzon is that it is really difficult to clean. The extra filling is great for comfort but makes the topper pretty heavy and difficult to maneuver into a washing machine. The company Pinzon itself also suggests that the topper be taken to a dry cleaner for maintenance.

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Overall I would say that the Pinzon is a super comfy topper that can be worth the investment. What I’m not a big fan of is the fact that you would have to take the topper to the dry cleaners if it needs to be washed.

I’m not sure for anyone else, but around me dry cleaners tends to be expensive and I’m just not sure if I want to invest my money in something like that. But if you have no issues with taking the topper to the dry cleaners on occasion then I would highly suggest this topper for you. On a scale of one to ten, I would give the Pinzon an eight.

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