Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Excellent mattress topper

I don’t know about you my dear readers, but for me personally one of my favorite activities to do in the entire world is sleep. I absolutely love sleeping and I genuinely look forward to it every night. But we’ve all been there where there are some night that we just cannot sleep or we are suffering from a very uncomfortable mattress (college students, I understand and sympathize with you).

The most logical solution is to go and purchase a better, more comfortable mattress but for those of us who cannot afford such a luxury or are on a tight budget that is easier said than done. Luckily there is another option that is affordable for anyone’s budget and that would be to invest in a mattress topper.

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Now a mattress topper is different from a mattress pad in that it normally is thicker than a pad and is kept in place by the strictures of fitted feet. Also mattress pads are more for protecting your mattress while a topper is designed more so for comfort than protection. Today I’m going to speak specifically about the Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress Topper.


From what I was able to find in my search of information, the Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Foam falls along the lines of being affordable and comfortable. Many mattress toppers you search for at a cheap price are often made from cheap materials or that type of egg carton foam material Quality mattress topperyou can use if you become very desperate. Sleep Innovations on the other hand is actually made from 100% polyurethane memory foam that exceeds your expectations.

The memory foam molds and fits to your body creating a unique sleeping experience designed specifically for you. Not only does the topper fit to your specific body, but it also has an open cell design for airflow that helps maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

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The protection that Sleep Innovations provides is pretty limited. While the mattress topper is
naturally hypoallergenic
it is not waterproof or stain resistant. Due to this, my admiration for the topper has gone down slightly but there are still many other lovely qualities the Sleep Innovations has to offer.

Will it last?

Through my research it seems that the Sleep Innovations does last a good amount of time. I will not lie though; this specific topper is more geared towards college students who are trying to create a more comfortable living environment. That being said, after four plus years of school, I would suggest getting rid of the Sleep Innovations and investing in either a new one or a different mattress topper.

This does not mean that the Sleep Innovations does not last a long time, but after being I a dorm room for so long with no proper way to clean the topper (not machine washable) I would recommend purchasing a new one.


Basically the pros come down to this; the Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Foam is cheap and comfortable making it the perfect mattress topper for a student or someone on a tight budget

Cheap mattress topper


Though the Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Memory Foam is affordable and comfy, it does not provide your mattress with a whole lot of protection nor is it easy to wash/maintain.


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Overall, I would give the Sleep Innovations a seven out of ten. You have to understand that this particular mattress topper was designed for college/university students. In regards to that, while the topper may be cheap and provides the comfort needed it is not a long term solution if you are looking to invest in a mattress topper.

This topper is more so of a quick fix that will stay with you for up to four-six years. After that I would suggest purchasing a new topper, one that will last even longer and provides more protection.

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