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Top self inflating camp mattress

The Stransport Self-Inflating Air Mattress achieves more than basic airbeds and does it at a low price point. It delivers a comfortable sleeping solution for our camping needs. It’s also great when there are more overnight guests than our guest bed can accommodate, like during the holidays.

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  • Self-inflating –unroll and watch it inflate
  • Roomy enough for people up to 6’2’’ tall
  • Sturdy plastic valve prevents leaks
  • Great Value

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  • So tightly rolled, it’s hard to roll it that tight after use and get it to fit back into the bag bulky for the backpack when hiking

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This airbed is fantastic for camping. I, my husband, and my son and daughter each have one. It’s an easy, sensible, no fuss inflatable mattress for laying on the ground or inside our tent. Basically, we just unroll it, unscrew the air valve, and in seconds, it’s ready. You see, when we unroll it, itStansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress inflates. We open the durable plastic valve and the interior air pockets expand and pull air in, inflating the bed. Then, we just toss a sleeping bag or blanket on top and lay down for a sound night’s sleep. Because if we really want to enjoy all the fun of camping we know we have to also get a good night’s rest and this air mattress is designed to take care of that.

We used it car camping a few times. Also we took on a kayak trip for a week.  Sleeping bags fit perfect on it. It’s a good size, my husband is tall and a bit heavy and this truly fits his height and girth. It’s so firm and nearly as comfortable as my bed at home. I got a great night’s sleep. My son and daughter both have used it on their camping trips with the boy scouts and the girl scouts and they love it too. It rolls up a little long so some people may feel it’s a tad too big for backpacking, but we took it in our backpacks on a kayak trip and it worked fine.



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This is lighter and easier to carry than a regular air mattress. We found it so convenient to not have to deal with a pump. The mat inflates on its own.  We unroll it, leave it in the tent with the valve open long enough for it to equalize with the outside air and it fully inflates on its own. Then, we just close the valve and it keeps the air in. And it doesn’t lose air until we deflate it. That couldn’t be easier. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s so comfortable it feels like we’re sleeping in a bed. It insulated us from the cold ground.

It not only kept the chill of the ground away from us, we didn’t feel the ground, which is why we felt like we were sleeping in a bed. And it works well on a tent floor or a cot. Also it’s a lot sturdier and resilient than a regular air mattress. It might be a tad bigger for backpacking them some people like, but we took it in backpacks on a kayak trip and had no issues. It deflates easily. We just open the valve and roll up the pad from the opposite end where the valve is. We use our weight as we roll to push the air out and that gets it flat enough to fit back in its bag. It’s also well-made and a great value. We highly recommend it.

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