Coleman Queencot Airbed Review

Top camp air bedThe Coleman queen cot With Airbed has a lot of fantastic features for camping. It’s a breeze to set up and take down. The air mattress inflates with its own 4D battery pump, and the cot unfolds just as easily. The cot’s stable steel frame holds up well, supporting a weight of up to 600 pounds, so two people can sleep on it comfortably.

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Also, it holds air well. In addition, it deflates and folds up easily. And it conveniently fits inside a carry bag. It’s an awesome cot and air mattress combination —economic durable and comfortable.


  • Cot provides support and comfort
  • Battery-powered pump
  • Compact frame, 22 inches off the ground
  • Attached Side tables with cup holder night stands
  • Wheels on the carry bag


  • Noisy when you move around on it
  • Carry bag to store the mattress is not easy to clean as it’s sewn to the frame


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 Suited To

It’s a camping bed and great for that though it’s not made for hiking. We wanted something easy to get in and out of and to be off the ground when camping due to bugs and other things that might be crawling around on the ground. This works. It’s nice to be off the ground. We use it in the tent and it fits perfectly. And the added under-cot storage in the tent is great. It even comes with side tables to put our books, drinks, glasses, and coffee mugs. This bed is the best for a healthy sleep while camping. Will suit all sleep lovers!

A neat thing is if we separate the cot and the mattress, we can have two people sleeping on the air bed and two on sleeping bags on top of the cot…kind of like two beds in one. It’s easy to set up and take down. It comes with an air pump and blows up easily and holds air well. It makes our camping trips a delight. With this air mattress we could even call it glamping rather than camping.


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We love it for camping. We have found the Coleman queen cot with airbed to be an affordable, convenient single unit of cot and mattress.. It’s like being able to take the luxury of an indoor bed outside with you. It truly provides indoor comfort for the outdoors without having to carry anything extra.   We love the little side tables with the cup holders.

Glamping Colemas Camp Cot

It‘s durable and easy to set up and take down. You just fasten the 4D pump to the Double Lock™ valve for and it easily inflates. Once you find the perfect firmness, the AirTight® system will hold it there for you. Coleman even tests these at their factory to make sure they are leak-free.  The Double Lock™ valve also lets us deflate the air mattress swiftly and we find the cot’s steel frame is easy to fold up. And it all fits inside a convenient carry bag.

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It’s comfortable to sleep on. The ComfortStrong™ coil system provides all-night support., ensuring a sound night’s rest. There is even a thin cotton sleeve on the top of the cot to prevent the air mattress from sliding around as you lay on it.  We have used it on several camping trips and it’s great.  We find it to be a great value, giving us a spacious, durable airbed with maximum comfort at an affordable price.


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